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  • Regina Royal Jelly Capsules 30

    Regina Royal Jelly Capsules 30

    Regina capsules contain fresh royal jelly, delicately blended with acacia honey, cold pressed wheat germ oil and a little beeswax.
  • Maori Gold Manuka Honey 19+ 500g

    Maori Gold Manuka Honey 19+ 500g

    Maori Gold Manuka honey is native to New Zealand, it has long been associated with strength, health and vitality.

    Special Price: £24.99

    Regular Price: £29.99

  • Probio 7 Capsules x40

    Probio 7 Capsules x40

    PREBIO 7, (now called PROBIO 7) is a natural probiotic supplement packed full with 7 different strains of friendly bacteria and 2 different types of prebiotic fibre (to support the functions and activity of the bacteria).

    The strains of friendly bacteria have been specially selected to promote optimum gut health and intestinal function. All the strains are of human origin (compared to many other probiotics, which use strains of bovine origin) and are gastric acid resistant, allowing them to pass intact into the small intestine.

    Special Price: £8.99

    Regular Price: £11.49

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